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Hey Girl April 2, 2012

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Hey Girl

Love it.


Wow! How am I so behind?! August 3, 2011

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I totally and completely SUCK at blogging. Facebook, Twitter- I rock- ok, well Twitter only recently got back to Tweeting…but Facebook, I am on it! LOL. But why is it that I can never update my blog? No idea. But it is my new resolution to have atleast one update with pictures every single week!


Hamburgers anyone? August 4, 2010

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When my sister told me that my nephew was having a pool party/cookout for his 3rd birthday, i just knew we needed special cupcakes to go with the theme of things!  What better cupcake to have at a cookout than little hamburgers?!  How cute are these little guys!  The kids LOVED them and the adults were equally impressed with our mad creative skills and they were pretty darn tasty too!  Pretty simple to make so that was even better.  Sis and I made them together and they turned out fabulous and the thing that brought them all together was the real sesame seeds on them and the little toothpicks…just made them perfect!  I will for sure be making these guys again!  And by the way, if you couldn’t tell, the hamburger patty is actually a brownie!


Salted Caramel Cupcakes…would you dare? March 6, 2010

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Sounds strange huh.  Who would have thought that putting salt with caramel would equal deliciousness?  Well, salt aint just for your potatoes anymore people!  Today I experimented with a new flavor of cupcake and I have to say, it is amazing!  So rich, sweet, yet has a hint of savory from the salt…perfect combination.  Think chocolate and caramel kettle corn maybe.  You get the sweet and the salty….or think a chocolate covered pretzel!  This devil’s food cupcake is filled with caramel and then topped with a chocolate caramel butter cream and then sprinkled with sea salt!  The salt brings out the flavor of the chocolate and the sweetness of the caramel.  This cupcake is sure to leave you begging for more.  One tip though-have a HUGE glass of milk near by because you are going to need something good and cold and creamy to wash down this down with and what better beverage to do that with than a huge glass of ice cold whole milk!  Fat free just aint gonna do it.  You are gonna need full fat!  Trust me, it’s worth it!!


Happy Valentine’s Day! February 12, 2010

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It’s Friday, the 12th…not the 14th, however, my babies are having Valentine’s Day parties at school/daycare today, so I had cupcakes to make last night!  They came out so cute.  The first batch, however, made it to work with me because the cream cheese icing wanted to be a pain in my butt and it was a bit runnier than I wanted…so they were decorated up and into work they came with me!  I don’t know what I wait so late to do my baking…well, yes I do..last night we had company, so I didn’t even get to start my baking until almost 10 pm!  I was up until after midnight making sure all the cupcakes were iced and gorgeous and ready for today!  My dear sweet husband went to the store so late last night to get me more powdered sugar to make more icing..I love that boy!  So, anyway…here are the Valentine’s Cupcakes…so cute!  Hope all the little one’s in Emmy’s class love them today and I know all my girls at work who got one loved them!  Happy early Valentine’s Day…


Guess the wolf’s out of the bag…. February 5, 2010

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quote taken from Embry Call, New Moon…you know I love it.  This post is way way overdue but as I was sitting here updating for the first time in…well…forever, I happened to think back about the awesome Werewolf cupcakes I made for our girl’s night New Moon party back in November and I had to post them.  They were awesome when they were completed!  They were a bit time consuming, but I was quite pleased with the final result!  Judge for yourself!


They’re bad, you know it….

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I’m talkin Michael Jackson bad…a good friend recently asked me to make some sort of Michael Jackson themed cupcakes for her daughter’s 7th birthday…so here is what I came up with…Chocolate cake, topped with a vanilla buttercream!  They are topped with a white chocolate glove brushed with silver pearl dust and also topped with a red sprinkle star.  Some of them we used a picture topper, so we used a picture from the Bad/Thriller era—you know, the era where he was awesome.