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CUPCAKES! June 11, 2009

Here are the list of cupcakes I am currently baking fresh as you order them!  One dozen consits of one dozen of the SAME cupcake.  Mix and Match boxes are available at an additional cost.  Please ask me!  Cupcakes are $20.00 per dozen for the same cupcake.  48 hours notice please on most orders- if you are ordering more than 3 dozen, please provide at least one week notice.

1. Key Lime Pie- Lime cupcakes topped with a key lime icing(made with real key limes!) and graham cracker crumbs.

2. S’mores- chocolate or vanilla cupcake topped with a milk chocolate icing, toasted marshmellows, hershey’s chocolat square and graham cracker crumbs.

3. Ginger Coconut Lime- coconut lime cupcake topped with a vanilla icing flavored with fresh grated  ginger, coconut and lime zest and juice.

 4. Cafe Latte- Mocha cupake topped with a mocha buttercream icing sprinkled with chocolate shavings and mocha flavored M & M’s

5. Pina Colada- coconut cupcake topped with a coconut and pineapple icing made with fresh pinapple and juice.

6. White Russian- Kaluah cupake topped with a Kaluah buttercream icing and white chocolate shavings.

7.  Chocolate Overload- milk chocolate cupcake made with Hershey’s chocolate and topped with a chocolate buttercream, chocolate jimmies,    and an Oreo cookie stick, drizzled with chocolate.

8.  White Chocolate Raspberry- Raspberry cupcake topped with White Chocolate buttercream and White Chocolate curls and filled with a raspberry cream.

9.  Cookies N Cream- chocolate cupcake with vanilla cookies n cream buttercream icing and filled with buttercream.  Topped with an oreo!

10.  Candy Cane- white cake topped with a peppermint vanilla buttercream and crushed candy canes.

11.  Holiday Eggnog– White cake flavored with eggnog and nutmeg, topped with an Eggnog Buttercream icing.

12.  Lemon Drop- Lemon cake with a tangy lemon buttercream

13.  Salted Chocolate Caramel- Chocolate cake filled with carmel and topped with a chocolate caramel buttercream and a sprinkling of sea salt!- CROWD FAVORITE!!!

14.  Chocolate Covered Strawberry- chocolate cake made with strawberries in the batter, topped with a fresh strawberry buttercream

Key Lime

Key Lime

White Choc. Raspberry

White Choc. Raspberry

White Russian

White Russian


5 Responses to “CUPCAKES!”

  1. Jennifer Rice Says:

    You will definetly make my wedding cake. I love red velevt cakes but maybe something new will come to mind. Since I want a cupcake cake who better that you to do it for me!!!!

  2. joane bollinger Says:

    all of the ones I have tried are excellent!

  3. Kristi Webb Says:

    The White-Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes are to die for!!! They are awesome and I LOVE them!!! Jen is the best cupcake and cake maker I have ever had the honor of tasting her baking!!! Love ya!!

  4. Chelene Stone Says:

    My family LOVES, LOVES, LOVES these cupcakes. So far I have had the honor of tasting the mocha, the coconut/lime/ginger, and the red velvet. They were ALL Wonderful. My husband loves the coconut ones and I was so impressed with the Hannah Montana ones for my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. She is sure to love them. They are so colorful and pretty. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Heather Knight Says:

    my favorite is the White Russian cupcakes!!!!

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