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Hamburgers anyone? August 4, 2010

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When my sister told me that my nephew was having a pool party/cookout for his 3rd birthday, i just knew we needed special cupcakes to go with the theme of things!  What better cupcake to have at a cookout than little hamburgers?!  How cute are these little guys!  The kids LOVED them and the adults were equally impressed with our mad creative skills and they were pretty darn tasty too!  Pretty simple to make so that was even better.  Sis and I made them together and they turned out fabulous and the thing that brought them all together was the real sesame seeds on them and the little toothpicks…just made them perfect!  I will for sure be making these guys again!  And by the way, if you couldn’t tell, the hamburger patty is actually a brownie!


One Response to “Hamburgers anyone?”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Clever, Time for you to go on “Cupcake Wars”…for real!

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