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Salted Caramel Cupcakes…would you dare? March 6, 2010

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Sounds strange huh.  Who would have thought that putting salt with caramel would equal deliciousness?  Well, salt aint just for your potatoes anymore people!  Today I experimented with a new flavor of cupcake and I have to say, it is amazing!  So rich, sweet, yet has a hint of savory from the salt…perfect combination.  Think chocolate and caramel kettle corn maybe.  You get the sweet and the salty….or think a chocolate covered pretzel!  This devil’s food cupcake is filled with caramel and then topped with a chocolate caramel butter cream and then sprinkled with sea salt!  The salt brings out the flavor of the chocolate and the sweetness of the caramel.  This cupcake is sure to leave you begging for more.  One tip though-have a HUGE glass of milk near by because you are going to need something good and cold and creamy to wash down this down with and what better beverage to do that with than a huge glass of ice cold whole milk!  Fat free just aint gonna do it.  You are gonna need full fat!  Trust me, it’s worth it!!


5 Responses to “Salted Caramel Cupcakes…would you dare?”

  1. Tracie Says:

    Oh I would dare…..over and over again!!!!!! Delicious!!

  2. Sherri Says:

    My word that looks yummmy! I’m adding you to my blogroll 🙂

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Holy Moses that looks delicious!!!!! Can we make some of those when I come down?! Caramel’s my favorite!!

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