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Happy Valentine’s Day! February 12, 2010

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It’s Friday, the 12th…not the 14th, however, my babies are having Valentine’s Day parties at school/daycare today, so I had cupcakes to make last night!  They came out so cute.  The first batch, however, made it to work with me because the cream cheese icing wanted to be a pain in my butt and it was a bit runnier than I wanted…so they were decorated up and into work they came with me!  I don’t know what I wait so late to do my baking…well, yes I do..last night we had company, so I didn’t even get to start my baking until almost 10 pm!  I was up until after midnight making sure all the cupcakes were iced and gorgeous and ready for today!  My dear sweet husband went to the store so late last night to get me more powdered sugar to make more icing..I love that boy!  So, anyway…here are the Valentine’s Cupcakes…so cute!  Hope all the little one’s in Emmy’s class love them today and I know all my girls at work who got one loved them!  Happy early Valentine’s Day…


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