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It’s London baby!!! November 18, 2009

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Ok, so it’s not London, it’s Charleston, and the beer wasn’t Boddingtons, but it did the trick and a good time was had by all and Charleston will here in be referred to as London in the rest of the post, because…well, it’s my blog, my post and I make the rules!  This weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to London with my BFF (see prior entry titled Happiness for pic of said BFF).  It was a girls weekend, just me and her.  We had a blast.  We had dinner, wine, desserts, pedicures, cooking classes, and our fair share of a bad smell that wafted through the air for some reason—i think London has too many horse and carriage rides—this weekend we were total foodies.  We tried new foods, local brews, drinks and loved every single second of it.  From a roasted pumpkin squash with marscapone cheese and a pured pork and pumpkin filling, fried green tomato BLT, crunchy french toast, to the best lobster bisque and hush puppies around, we ate and ate and though we stuffed ourselves to near sickness, it was awesome!!  And we walked it all off, i promise!  The food was amazing.  The crunchy french toast at the Sweetwater Cafe is high on my list of recommendations–what better way to start your day then some french toast, dipped in frosted flakes and then fried up and covered in syrup.  Moving on, we had the nothing less than amazing Lobster based bisque at Hyman’s Seafood that was so good we went back a 2nd time for it.  This bisque was amazing if I have not said that already.  Creamy, yet not too heavy and packed full of scallops and shrimp–both locally caught!  The hushpuppies they serve you will leave you begging for more and days later you will be sitting in your office wishing you could bite into one right now and dip it in a little butter…now, where was I….Ah yes, let’s not forget the perfect way to end your day, or take  break in the middle of and stop in at Kraminsky’s for a HUGE piece of cake or a nice fat slice of pie and a Charleston Steamer.  What is a steamer—only a tall cup o’ heaven.  Steamed milk and we had the toasted marshmallow which tasted exactly as the name says and drizzled with a bit of caramel.  It was Heaven I tell you, pure Heaven.  Charleston is a food lover’s haven.  There is so much local flavor and flair in everything.  From the rice used at our cooking class, which was grown locally and the veggies and fish, all local…to the scallops at dinner–everything so fresh!  Now onto more than food!  The slave market was packed each day and we managed to buy a few items.  They have some great things there, especially the sweet grass baskets–it amazes me how they make them.  They are really lovely….and pricey, so no, one did not make it home with me this time.  The Spa pedicure we had was beyond words…we had rose petals and bubbles and oil in the water, we had a mud mask for our feet, we sipped mimosas as we were softened, clipped, filed, and painted.  It was great.  So relaxing and my feet thanked me several times over…it was like they were just walking on little pillows of air, well, until we left the spa and back outside where we walked a while and then they just hurt….I could go on and on about how much fun we had.  This was such a fantastic weekend and I cannot wait to have another girl’s weekend again!  And we have officially decided our name would be BFFoodies….clever girls we are….  so, here’s to London baby!


One Response to “It’s London baby!!!”

  1. stephanie Says:

    OMG those hushpuppies. Seriously, soooo good. I miss them. heh. All the food was AMAZING! Loved it.

    And yea, what was with that smell?? ugh. lol

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