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Sam’s a Bobcat! August 26, 2009

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That’s right!  Sam is officially a Bobcat (which is the school mascot).  Today was the first day of school.  He was beyond excited to be there!  He looked so grown up with his book bag on and all ready to go!  He even took the teacher a present for the first day!  Of course it was a cupcake…not just an ordinary cupcake though.  It was a Cookies N Cream cupcake with an oreo inside the cupcake!  mmmm!  I hope it got to her in one piece!  We dropped him off a bit too early today I guess and his teacher was not there yet, so we had to send him to the media center to wait with the other kids.  But I know he got to class ok. 🙂  It still kinda ruined my first day for him.  I totally lost it in the car, I won’t lie.  I hate that we did not walk him to his class and get him to his seat.  On Monday, when he goes back, I will see if I can do that and take his picture with his teacher.  He is so proud to be a “school ager” as he calls it.  And I am proud of him as well.  I cannot believe my baby–that seems like he was just born not too long ago, all 6 pounds of him and that precious, tiny, button nose–I cannot believe he left me.  He went and had to go to school.  He is on a new adventure and so are we as parents!  I am sure he will excel in school.  I have nothing but high expectations and I know he is smart.  Now…I think that in a few more years, I will just demand that Emmy stay home and never go away to school or anywhere else.  I just don’t think I can bear to send my last baby to school!  I cannot wait to see Sam when I get home tonight so I can hear all about his first day at school!  We are having a party in celebration, so we are excited about that too!



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