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Thank you Blockbuster! August 12, 2009

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I love getting presents.  That’s no secret.  I love getting Twilight presents-ok, that may be a secret for some-but, it’s out there now.  So, my friend Anna knows I love Twilight, and as I have said before, she should because she is who introduced me to it.   So sitting at my desk the other day, I get a knock on my door.  Who comes in you ask?  Why, it’s Anna!  And she is bearing gifts.  Not just plain ordinary gifts—gifts of chocolate.  But even better than just some plain old chocolate—this chocolate is wrapped up in sexy deliciousness that IS Edward Cullen.  She informs me she found these treats at Blockbuster.  Awesome, I have plenty of time at lunch to go purchase more!  So, at lunch I go to Blockbuster and I look for them.  There they are.  Jacob, Edward, and Bella–all being nice and sharing one little box full there beside the M&M’s and Wonka Bars.  I grab about 9 of them I think.  There are 3 to a set, so I grabbed a few sets for some friends.  What I had to do next was horrible.  I HAD TO LIE.  So, there was a teenage boy with his mom behind me talking about “how gay” Twilight was (yes, I kept quiet–it would be been impoliote and wrong to turn around and give death stares with his mom there) and on and on.  I suddenly feel ashamed.  I KNOW—anyway.  I get to the register and the girl is like…OOh, you must like Twilight.  I had to lie and say, oh no, these are for a birthday party.  The girls all love Twilight and these are for the treat bags.  OMG.  That lie came to me so fast I never missed a beat.  In the end, I walked out with my candies and I was so excited I had to bit Edward on the way back to work—good thing I grabbed an extra one of him.  I just had to taste it.  They are delish—kinda like a Cadburry Creme Egg you get at Easter.  Yum-o!  So thank you Blockbuster–thank you for supporting and encouraging my obsession even further.  My set of Bella, Jacob and Edward chocolates by Skybar now sit with my collection of Twilight Conversation Hearts behind my desk at work for all the world to see.  And when kids ask if they can have candy—I must inform them, that candy is only to look at, we never ever open it and eat it. 

Oh–and ps—HUGE shout out (I know, who gives a Shout Out)–to Jenny Jerkface from Twitarded (blog on side of my page!)—I LOVE their (jenny jerkface and snarkier than you) site and now they have come to visit mine and have even left a comment!  woohoo!candycandy1


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