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In Love July 30, 2009

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Let me just say, there are a lot of things right now that I completely love.  We all know the givens–family, friends, cupcakes, etc..—but what I really love, and have loved for a long time now…my KitchenAid Stand Mixer–my oh so sexy red one that my sweet as pie husband purchased for me as a surprise one night on a trip to Best Buy.  Here I thought he was coming out with the Wii that we went to Best Buy to purchase, and instead, that wonderful man comes out with my baby in his arms!  How excited I was!  I LOVE this thing.  It looks great on my counter tops, it mixes my cakes and icings to perfection, whips up fresh whipped cream like nobody’s business and I just love it!  I coveted these baby’s for a while…so I am so in love with mine and wouldn’t trade him for the world–yes, it is a him!  What are you in love with? (kitchen/cooking wise!).  PS–I got a new Microplane Grater, and a Cupcake Scoop (in 2 sizes!!!), so I expect a post about my love affair with them as well at a later date! mixer


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