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Happy Father’s Day! June 22, 2009

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We had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday.  We started off the morning by giving daddy his gifts.  The kids each painted a wooden picture frame, then we took their picture holding a sign that said “I Love You Daddy” and so I got the pics developed and placed the pics in the frame.  Then I gave daddy some lounging pants…since that is what he likes to do-lounge. 🙂  LOL.  The boys then went to a Father/Son breakfast at church where the men were served a great breakfast by all the ladies…which they did for us on Mother’s Day.  After church we had lunch at El Paso (yummy yummy Mexican food!) and then off to see my dad for a bit.  Later we went to my mom’s and had a fantastic time by the pool with everyone.  My watermelon cupcakes that I decided to give another shot at- they were a hit and everyone loved them.  they were flavored with just the right amount of watermelon and they were topped with a sugared watermelon fruit slice.  I hope all the dad’s had a wonderful father’s day.  I know without a doubt that my kids have the best father any child coul ask for.  He loves them with all his heart, unconditionally, and he shows it to them daily.  There is not a day that goes by that my kids will ever wonder if they are loved.  The know it every day. 



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