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The Sweet Life June 18, 2009

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So let me just say that I have watched a many-a Food Network Challenge episodes, and I just love Norm Davis.  Don’t ask my why, I just do.  I think he is awesome and he makes fantabulous cakes!  So, while watching an episode last week I realized that Mr. Davis has a shop in Annandale, VA.  Conincidentally I will be up that way next week.  So, off I go to his website.  I browse his gallery and WHOA-awesome cakes!- so then I email him to see if I could just swing by, meet him, get a pic of him, etc… I was so excited!  But then, this morning I come in to see the email in my box titled- Norm from The Sweet Life—yippee I think to myself.  I begin reading and I am sad now.  Norm is busy.  😦 He did invite me to come check out some demos on the 28th but we are leaving that morning and the Summerfest Party does not begin until 1 and we will be hours away and on the road by then.  Maybe next time.  And I still will root for him on Challenge!  Check out their site @ http://www.thesweetlife.comnorman_pic_For%20Print


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