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So Nervous! June 17, 2009

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061709_0930[00]Today I sell my first order of cupcakes.  Making them for friends, family and co-workers is fun and I love it.  But today, my first customer will be coming by to pick up her eagerly anticipated, one dozen, Key Lime Cupcakes and I am so nervous I just can’t stand it.  What if they hate them?  What if they expected something different?  What if they are regretful of buying them once they see or taste them?  All this runs through my mind.  I know my cupcakes are good, but will others think the same?  Will they order from me again, or will they let everyone they know how terrible they were and ruin me?  YIKES!  I am so nervous!   How is it that some little cupcakes now scare me to death now that they are turning a little profit?  I wasn’t worried at all about the when I was giving them away!  Now that people are actually paying me for them I am nutso with worry!  I guess I should be confident and proud and not let the worry get to me!  Of course they will love them-they always do-why would now be any different?!   Oh well, here’s to my first sale and hopefully many more to come! (forgive the not so great picture, I hate my camera on my phone!)


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