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Specialty Cupcakes! June 12, 2009

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So I have put together a small list (that will be growing!) of my specialty cupcakes!   I am going to start selling my cupcakes by the dozen—wish me luck!   I am working on a list of the cupcake flavors and icings that I have, plus the specialty cupcakes.  Watch the CUPCAKES! page (tab at top of this page) for more information on how to order coming soon!!

1.    Key Lime Pie- Lime cupcakes topped with a key lime icing(made with real key limes!) and graham cracker crumbs.

2.   S’mores- chocolate or vanilla cupcake topped with a milk chocolate icing, toasted marshmellows, hershey’s chocolat square and graham cracker crumbs.

 3.   Ginger Coconut Lime- coconut lime cupcake topped with a vanilla icing flavored with fresh grated  ginger, coconut and lime zest and juice. 

 4.   Cafe Latte- Mocha cupake topped with a mocha buttercream icing sprinkled with chocolate shavings and mocha flavored M & M’s

 5.   Pina Colada- coconut cupcake topped with a coconut and pineapple icing made with fresh pinapple and juice.

 6.   White Russian- Kaluah cupake topped with a Kaluah buttercream icing and white chocolate shavings.


One Response to “Specialty Cupcakes!”

  1. monkeysmom Says:

    dude. i want ALL of these. lol

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