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Obsessions? June 11, 2009

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Obsessions.  We all have them.  What’s yours?  I will tell you what mine are.  The first thing, well, you may think it’s cupcakes.  BZZZ-wrong answer!  My first obsession, and a fairly new obsession (only a few months old) is Twilight.  Yes, I am a TwiCrack Addict, I am a TWERD, I am a TWIHARD, whatever you want to call it, if it is Twilight, I am IT!  And know what else?-soooooooo totally NOT ASHAMED of it!!   LOL.  Yes I am 28 years old, but who cares!?  Everyone has to love and adore Edward.  So, yes, I am obsessed totally with Twilight and anything related to Twilight.  So much that the vinyl decal on my car’s back glass reads: “forget a prince with a horse, I want a vampire with a volvo”-LOVE IT.  Now, my second obsession is of course cupcakes.  I love them.  I love everything that has a cupcake printed on it and I love websites about how to make them, decorate get the idea-yeah, anything and everything.  Plus, they are just so darn cute, don’t you agree?  My third obsession is….hmmm…ya know, I am not sure I have a third obsession…oh wait..New Kids on the Block…yes I still love them.  They are HOT, they are GROWN MEN and they are just well…that good!  I think that is about it.  My husband may disagree, but pretty sure that’s all I got.  (unless you count facebook, but come on-who isn’t obsessed with facebook?!)  So, now that you know mine—what are yours?  cupcake lolli




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